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About us

How it all started


In 2008, Bruce Casalis set out canvassing Clapham Common with home-printed business cards and a simple survey asking dog owners their views on his new concept of dog day care. Within a month, he had his first customer on board and 12 months later he rented a few acres of Surrey countryside to start turning his vision into a reality.  

We embarked on this mission because we believed that doggy day care can make a real difference to a dog’s life by improving their socialisation, stimulation and exercise.

We think that by creating an enriching experience designed for the benefit of each dog, we help improve their life and enhance their relationship with their owner, resulting in happier people, happier dogs and a happier society.

Since then...


Things have come a long way! From those humble beginnings, we have gone on to become the UK’s recognised leader for dog day care.

Countless others have followed our concept and a whole new industry has been created as a result. This has given even more dogs the opportunity for more socialisation, and has enabled even more people to experience the love and joy of owning a dog, something we are incredibly proud of.

We are passionate about using our platform as leaders in the industry to help shape the future of dog day care and to raise standards and welfare. But, for us, the most important thing is that we stay true to the values and principles that have made us into the success that we are today.

Our values

We're here because

We believe every dog should be social, happy and fulfilled

Our holy grail

Give every dog an amazing experience at every visit

Our mission

To be recognised and respected across the UK as the leader in dog care and socialisation

Bruce Casalis

Bruce is a lifetime dog owner and dog lover. From his early days as a toddler found sleeping in a crate with the litter of puppies, Bruce has been genuinely passionate about dogs and dog welfare. Bruce lives in Surrey, with his wife, son, and two working Labradors, Rio and Roosha. 

Bruce has always aspired to successfully run his own business and started his first company when he was 20 and still at university in Australia. After settling in London, it was a natural progression for Bruce to combine his passion for dogs with his entrepreneurial ambitions to do what he loves and create a market leading business and team in the process.

Bruce now sits on the Board of Directors for the Pet Industry Federation and has acted advisor to the likes of DEFRA, Dogs Trust, RSPCA.

Not all day care is created equal

Choosing the best day care for your dog is important. It can be tricky to know what's right. Here are some tips on what to look for when trying to separate the best from the rest. 

Awards & Accolades

Federation of Small Business Awards - Business & Product Innovation Category - Area WinnerFederation of Small Business Awards - Business & Product Innovation Category - Area Winner SME National Business Awards - Best Small Business - National Winner Pet Industry Federation Awards - Best Dog Day Care - National Finalist Pet Industry Federation Awards - Best Dog Day Care - National Winner SME Business Awards - Best Customer Service - Winner 

 Toast Of Surrey Awards 2015 - Best Small Business - Winner Wandsworth Business Awards - Entrepreneur of the Year - Winner London Business Awards 2014 - Winner South London Business Awards 2012 - Finalist  Toast Of Surrey Business Awards - Finalist

8 reasons people choose us

MULTI AWARD WINNING: We are winners & finalists in numerous awards & are featured on HSBC business banking home page.
INDUSTRY LEADING: We have been in business for 10 years aare recognised as the market leading dog day care in the UK. Many imitators have followed, but we’re proud to lead the field!
BIG TEAM: With over 30 passionate staff there is plenty of individual love, care and attention for every dog.
HUGE SPACE: With 25 acres of private fields, we have the biggest play areas for your dog of any SW London or Surrey doggy day care.
SEE FOR YOURSELF: With 25 acres of private fields, we have the biggest play areas for your dog of any SW London or Surrey doggy day care.
STRICT ENTRANCE CRITERIA: We only accept social, friendly dogs and if we are not sure about a dog, we have a proven record of just saying no.
REGULARS ONLY: Your dog will always be with it’s buddies and will know every dog there.
FEE SYSTEM: We follow a children’s nursery model, so we’re never under pressure to fill a space with an unsuitable dog.
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