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We have a top notch commercial grooming salon on site and a team of experienced groomers. Since your dog is already with us, this will save you the time and hassle of visiting a salon, and your dog will come home from day care looking amazing and smelling great!

Since the dogs already know and love the day care centre, there isn't any distress or fear that might be associated with a typical grooming salon. 


Puppy Intro Groom

Regular grooming is a necessity for keeping all dogs happy and healthy, but for a puppy, the salon can be a little intimidating. We offer puppies a slow and calm introduction to the world of grooming. Simply getting used to the sounds and environment of the salon can help your puppy feel at ease during a groom.

Bath & Blowdry

Long or short, dogs fur needs regular TLC, not only will bathing keep your pooch smelling fresh, it can also help avoid any bacterial or fungal problems. We use a range of all natural products enriched with coconut oil to make sure its right for your dog's delicate skin.

Doggy MOT

Every dog needs regular maintenance, pick and choose from a range that can be used in between grooms, and a preventative measure. Maintaining a dog's coat and teeth can be as important as diet and exercise.

All Natural Products

What we put on our dogs’ skin can be just as important as nutrition and exercise. We are proud to say that our salon uses only all natural products. soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera and oatmeal can prevent irritation, while fruits such papaya and pomegranate leave your dog smelling delicious. 

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